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Hybrid Slings and Carriers

This page of our website is reserved for baby slings and carriers that don't fit into any of the classic categories. At present we have:

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Caboo Baby Carrier (previously known as the Close Baby Carrier)

Caboo Baby Carrier

Age range: newborn to toddler
Weight range: birth to 32lb (15kg approx)
Positions: cradle, upright facing in, upright facing out

The Caboo Baby Carrier is an ingenious design which manages to combine the comfort and weight distribution of a wrap, with the adjustability and ease of use of a ring sling.

The Caboo Baby Carrier consists of two sashes of fabric which cross over in the back and the front. You slip it over your head to wear. It then adjusts through rings by your hips so you can pull it as tight as you need for comfort and security.

There is also a sash shaped piece of fabric which you can tie across the middle for extra support if you wish.

The cross back of the Caboo Baby Carrier gives excellent weight distribution and the soft stretch fabric and adjustability supports your baby safely and comfortably.



View photo instructions for the Caboo Baby Carrier:
Caboo Baby Carrier - upright front carrying position (facing in)

Caboo Baby CarrierThe Caboo Baby Carrier has 3 main carrying positions: cradle hold (for nursing), upright facing in (from birth) and upright facing out (for older babies with good head control). It is suitable for use from birth and can be used for babies/toddlers up to 32lb.

When not in use the Caboo Baby Carrier packs away into a built in drawstring pocket for easy storage.

Caboo Baby Carrier Sizing Information

The Caboo Baby Carrier is designed so that one size fits all. If you are small you can tie the extra fabric that comes through the rings out of the way if you prefer.

Caboo Baby Carrier Fabric Information

The Caboo Baby Carrier is made of deliciously soft 100% organic stretch cotton and is machine washable.

The Caboo Baby Carrier is available in the colours shown below. The top row are all one plain colour, the lower row are two tone. Please click on the swatch to see a larger photo of these.


totally taupe frost grey dark denim
totally taupe frost grey dark denim
misty morning baltic blue
misty morning wineberry twist

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