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Pouch Sling Instructions
Hip Carry - for older babies and toddlers

These instructions show you how to do a hip carry using a pouch sling. The sling used in these pictures is a Coorie Fleece Pouch Sling.

 Pouch Slings

Pouch hip carry 1 Pouch hip carry 2
Start with the pouch folded in on itself with the open edges uppermost, worn across one shoulder like a sash. See our cradle hold instructions for full instructions to get the pouch in the correct starting position. The seam should be slightly off centre towards your hip, put it where you want your baby's bottom to end up! Put your baby up on your shoulder and guide her feet through the sling. Put the lower edge behind her knees.
Pouch hip carry 3 Pouch hip carry 4
Pull the upper edge of the sling up to support her back. Her bottom should end up seated in the curve of the pouch. Swing your baby and the sling round slightly to position them comfortably on your hip. Make sure she's sat down well in the pouch. Her knees should be level with, or slightly highter than her bottom. If it feels good like this stop at this stage, the last stage is optional.
Pouch hip carry 5
If it feels that your baby/toddler can lean back a little too far for you to feel that she's really secure then try doing a 'shoulder flip'. Pull the top edge of the fabric by your neck right over and down over your shoulder cap so it turns inside out. Follow the fold all the way round behind your baby's back and behind your back too. This will help to tighten the sling and make the position feel more secure.

 Pouch Slings