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Ergo/Patapum Instructions
Getting your baby on to your back in an Ergo Baby Carrier or Patapum Baby Carrier

These instructions were made by us at Little Possums and show an alternative method for getting an Ergo or Patapum carrier on to your back.  We recommend that the first few times you try this you have the help of another adult and do it over a sofa or some floor cushions.  Also make sure you have plenty of space around you so you won't risk bumping your baby's head into anything as you swing them round onto your back. It can also be helpful if you can see yourself in a mirror when you are practising this.

Your baby's safety is your responsibility.  Little Possums can take no responsibility for any accidents that may occur as a result of following these instructions.

 Soft Carriers

Ergo baby carrier 1 Ergo baby carrier 2
Fasten the waist strap so that the carrier hangs down on your left hip, make sure it's loose enough that you will be able to move it around. Hold your baby on your hip and pull the fabric of the carrier up between their legs and behind their back. I find this easier to do with the sleep hood out in an Ergo.
Ergo baby carrier 3 Ergo baby carrier 4
Supporting your baby with your left arm around their back and leaning forward slightly, shift them round onto your back as far as you can sliding the waist strap around as you go.   It sometimes helps if you jiggle up and down a bit as you do this. Maintaining a leaning forward position reach back with your right arm and slip it into the shoulder strap. Pull it as tight as you can at this stage. Once this feels secure, carefully lift your left arm over your baby's head.
Ergo baby carrier 5 Ergo baby carrier 6
Now shift your baby right round onto the centre of your back using both hands to support them. Next slip your left arm into the shoulder strap and tighten it, then take in any slack from the right shoulder strap. Once you have done this you should be able to straighten up.   Do this carefully making sure your baby feels secure.
Ergo baby carrier 7
Fasten the chest strap, tighten the waist band and make any adjustments to the shoulder straps as necessary.

 Soft Carriers